Laverda Coffee is an idea by students from Harford Community College in Bel Air Maryland which pursues to revolutionize coffee beverage services to suit the unique needs of the 21st century coffee consumers. Coffee has since time immemorial ruled the world of beverages and more importantly; mind-refreshing beverages. Coffee is a work or office-friendly beverage due to its refreshing and mind-stimulating properties. Nevertheless, the world of beverages has evolved, and people want more convenience when taking their favorite beverage. Therefore, Laverda Coffee services bridges this emerging market gap by bringing high quality and tasty coffee to employees to their offices. This saves many employees and workers from the hustle of having to drive or walk through heavy traffic to enjoy the beverage at the favorite coffee shop. Therefore, it means that with Laverda Coffee- workers will enjoy the coffee from the comfort of their offices without necessarily having to worry about leaving their workplace lounges or offices. In addition to that, the service also encompasses renting and leasing of coffee-related equipment such as brewers. This being the case, coffee lovers will no longer have to dig deeper into their pockets to buy coffee-related equipments such as brewers since they are conveniently and cheaply available through leasing and renting plans. Finally, Laverda Coffee Service is driven by the desire to offer the best of world-class coffee quality and taste. This is essentially through an elaborate procurement and supply chain system that only shops for the best coffee “tastes” across the world. We therefore provide the best coffee “tastes” from world-respected coffee from countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil, Columbia, Indonesia and Rwanda among others. In a nutshell therefore, Laverda Coffee is all about quality, a refreshing coffee taste and above all-at the convenience of the 21st century coffee consumer.

Mission: Our mission is to provide best quality coffee at the convenience of the consumer through an expansive service portfolio that meets the unique needs of the contemporary coffee consumer.

Vision: Our vision is to offer the best coffee taste and enhance the beverage experience of the 21st century coffee consumer with every cup of coffee served.

Values: Laverda Coffee Service is driven by the values of loyalty, customercenteredness and mutual benefit.